2017 – 08 – 01 Treasure Hunt (Dave & Sarah Whiteley)

At 2 pm on 1st August, almost 50 club members met in the Rockcliffe Arms in Whitley Bay in preparation for the club treasure hunt.  This was organised for the second year running by Dave & Sarah Whiteley.  After giving everyone info re the proceedings, Dave set the teams loose to find the answers to a large number of clues.  There were four sets of clues, 1 - within the Rockcliffe Arms; 2 - on the streets around Whitley and Cullercoats; 3 - In our destination pub, Queens Head at Cullercoats; 4 - a number of picture clues from anywhere during the hunt.

The initial set of clues took quite a long time but perhaps that is because of the heavy rain outside the pub.  Eventually the groups decided they would have to brave the weather and set forth along Whitely Rd.  Once outside, I am pleased to say that for our group, the rain ceased after about 10 minutes.  A few minutes later the sun was shining and it remained that way for the rest of the afternoon.  Although the clues in the pubs were not easy, many of those on the streets were reasonably straightforward which gave everyone a sense of achievement.  For me, the highlights where the beautiful house gardens in Rockcliffe Ave and the fishermens cottages in Simpson St., Cullercoats.  Both were new to me (a toonie) but even most of the locals had not seen the gardens in Rockcliffe Ave.  Finishing at the Queens Head, we searched around for answers to more clues but it has to be said that our team found the pub clues the most difficult.  Sitting down at the pre-arranged team tables we then enjoyed an excellent meal irrespective of which of the four meals we had pre-ordered.  

Before announcing the scores, Dave thanked the staff for the excellent meal – thanks well deserved as afterwards everyone commented how good it had been.  Dave then announced the scores, the winners being Linda’s “Van” team.  However it has to be said that all 7 teams had done very well, the scores being quite close.

In conclusion, thanks must go to Dave & Sarah for providing everyone with a very enjoyable afternoon – which in my case went on until about 7.30 pm.  The thought and effort which must have gone into finding the clues and then writing (in some cases, good but not obvious) questions were well rewarded by the comments from everyone after the event.  Thanks again Dave & Sarah

Peter Bell

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